by kai hsiang tu

a part of midsummer nights' show festival 2006  

NAN-HaI Theater, Taipei, Taiwan

Two angels kidnapped a man. They told him that he was a very kind person, and that his city was about to be destructed for it was profoundly sinned. But it was possible to sustain the city, provided that the man agreed to sacrifice his own life in exchange. The angels set a stopwatch; they waited for the man to decide.

Two men chit-chatted in a cafe, idling away time; a couple struggled in the face of the most serious marital crisis in life; lovers quarreled over insignificant matters. As the moment of the earth's destruction drew near, the characters came near to relationship break-downs as they tackled life's predicaments and crises.

Featuring Zong Qi Fan, Sheryl Liu, Pei Gen Shiu, Yu Ming Hu, Jia Chuan Lin & Ching Ling Chang
Set Design by Hui Li Liao
Lighting Design by Bi Juan Chang
Sound Design by Yang Wei Chen

Photo by Yunyu "Ayo" Shih