A play inspired by the life and work of Edward Hopper

A N5NL THEATER COMPANY PRODUCTION | Crown Theatre, taipei, taiwan (2008)

Present time, an artist arrives in New York, he realizes that the city was not all that wonderful as he had imagined. His TriBeCa loft is spooky and perhaps haunted; the teddy bear he picked up on the street seems to be able to talk; and the art critics he finally got to meet turn out to be a group of ghosts. On the other side of the city, a stand-up comedian hasn't had a single audience at all. He can only perform to empty seats or get laughed by the janitor of the club. 1942, a boy stays in an empty room, lives on the help from a Russian man. One day, a gestapo pays an unexpected visit to his hideout, banging heavily on the door. Near-future, in an unknown nation, the country's minister of cultural affairs speaks about a mysterious epidemic of a disease that "infects" classic art works. These characters of different times and spaces, through a series of events, became inter-related to one another in a surprising way they'd never imagined before. The Room by the Sea explores the power of imagination, and the intricate, sometimes sadistic relationship between an artist and his/her work. 

Devised by Kai-Hsiang Tu, in collaboration with Yu-Ming Hu and Yi-An Bao.
Featuring Yu-Ming Hu and Yi-An Bao.
Set Design by You-Shin Chen
Lighting Design by Wan-Jun Lin
Sound Design by Yang-Wei Chen

Photo by Sheryl Liu